Monday, December 6, 2010

The Library Ladies

On Friday night I had a really fun night with Amy's workmates - the Library Ladies. If you've been watching the news lately you'll have heard that Wagga is a bit wet at the moment - so wet that the Lagoon made it's way into the Library last Thursday night! Most of the ladies I met on Friday night had spent much of the afternoon ripping up carpet at the Library and trying to salvage things - I was glad that we had a fun and relaxing night planned after that!

The ladies all had a go at making some cards and then everyone made one of these Apple Blossom boxes.

Not many were actually decorated with the Apple Blossom stamps - originality reigned supreme on Friday night! - but nevertheless I decided to photograph it in my Gala apple tree. Both of my apple trees are looking a bit moth-eaten at the moment as the Leaf Cutter Bees have been making good use of them. I think the scallop circle punch cut out at the top reflects a bit of how they look!


Amy said...

I didn't see the apple blossom stamps! They would have looked much better than what I used :) See you tomorrow night!

Amy said...

Except that it is only Tuesday :( See you on Thursday night.....