Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shelli at Convention

Each year at Convention in Australia I look forward to Shelli's stamping presentation. She always presents something stunning and inspiring and her down to earth and funny manner is very easy to listen to. The presentation she gave at the US Convention in July was all those things too! 

In her usual way she showed us loads of fun, fresh ideas and this time her samples focused on interactive cards; things that popped up or spun or moved. Her style is sweet and lovely, so classy!

This stunning photo of Shelli 25 years ago was featured in the Convention booklet and around the site. I think she wears the style of the time so amazingly! (She actually makes the 80's look good!) And she hasn't changed very much at all - put a shorter hair style and different frames on her and it could have been taken today!

One of the fantastic new product announcements we enjoyed at Convention was of the Undefined Stamp Carving kits. They are so much fun! Carve any stamp you want - just the way you want it! Here's a quick overview video from Stampin' Up!

The fabulous Shannon West demonstrated stamp carving in her Convention presentation - I love her ideas!

This 'breakfast set' that she carved has stuck in my mind - it's so Shannon! I aspire to carving as well as she does - fingers crossed we'll have the kits launched here very soon! I can't wait to do some carving classes and see what you all come up with! Shannon was so very talented, she was even able to carve a stamp of that iconic photo of Shelli.

I'm still not finished with Convention........see you again soon!

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