Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday Parties......

It's been Birthday month here at our house! My girls were due 2 years and 1 week apart. The due date for my second daughter was our Wedding Anniversary! Fortunately she was quite happy to wait a little longer and their birthdays are 3 weeks apart, but that's still very close! So with a 5th and 3rd birthday to celebrate we had some little parties. And what's a party without a party bag?

I made these party bags (very hastily photographed before being given out!) for the guests at our 5 year old party.

This pretty lady was dubbed 'Princess Claudia' when the 3 year old birthday girl had contained her excitement - she was very well loved!

And what's a 3 year old party without rainbow jelly?

We had another party today - this time for a pre-school friend. The request was for a pink cupcake card and this one met with approval.


Until next time.....

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