Monday, July 15, 2013

New Catalogue Launch Open House

Well we've launched it and it's here! Do you have your copy of the new catalogue yet?

I love the new In Colours so much that at my Launch Party we had macarons made in all the new colours - and they were divine! Strawberry Slush, Pistachio Pudding, Baked Brown Sugar, Coastal Cabana and Crisp Cantaloupe - even the names sound like you should eat them!

It was a beautiful day wandering from the verandah to the studio, enjoying new products to play with and friends to chat with. Of course there were gifts........

 And even my little old house got dressed up for the occasion!

If you came along - thankyou for making it such a fun day!

I realised tonight when I went to post these photos that I have HEAPS of photos of the macarons and NONE of the cards we made together! I'll make sure I take some and post them when I get back from the US. I leave tomorrow! It's finally here! I'll do my best to do an update or two while I'm away - so look out for them!

And just in case you haven't already's another photo of those scrummy macarons ;)

Chat soon, Liz.

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